What is an AMC/FAQs

What is an AMC?

An association management company (AMC) is a for-profit company that offers management and specialty services to professional and trade associations that are 501(c)(6), and non-profit charitable organizations that are 501(c)(3). Services such as full- or part-time service management, accounting and financial management, communications and marketing, educational programming, membership development and retention, non-dues revenue generation, strategic planning and leadership, technology services, web design and a variety of other business services are available to both volunteer-run and stand-alone associations (associations with their own staff) on a fee-per-service basis.

What are the benefits of choosing an AMC?

There are many benefits that AMCs provide to their association clients. Associations find that when they partner with an AMC, they are able to:

  • Free up staff or board time to focus on more important strategic functions
  • Add staff capacity quickly without the trouble of hiring or training new employees
  • Leverage their buying power with the AMC’s other client associations
  • Take advantage of AMC staff’s association expertise
  • Get fresh perspectives or new ideas from an objective third party
  • Reconfirm their commitment to organizational excellence

What is the process of hiring an AMC?

The first step to hiring an AMC is to assess your association’s current situation, needs, and future goals. Once you have completed this assessment, you will be ready to prepare a request for proposal (RFP). Submit the RFP to ASCENT Management as well as any other AMCs that you would like to bid on your project. After reviewing the submitted proposals and conducting interviews with the top contenders, your association should select an AMC that is able to meet the needs of the association’s leadership and members, as well as fit with your association’s culture and budget. Finding an AMC that you trust and is the right fit for you association is important to building a successful partnership.

How do AMCs work?

AMCs provide custom services based on your association’s unique needs, as well as streamline your operations through association management best practices and economies of scale. Perhaps your organization is volunteer-run looking to an AMC to manage the day-to-day activities of your organization. Perhaps your association has existing staff, but you are considering the AMC model to improve efficiencies and to ensure best association management practices are implemented. Or perhaps your association is a stand-alone looking for specialized skills to oversee a particular project or function. An AMC is able to provide solutions for all of these scenarios.

AMCs offer your association access to specialized staff who are able to help your organization grow and prosper. AMCs offer full-service management for associations with no staff or associations looking to reconfigure their staffing, as well as project-management services for associations looking for specialized assistance on particular projects. We work hand in hand with your leadership to create and implement a plan that meets your organization’s unique requirements.

How do I get started?

To get started, just click on Submit RFP to upload your prepared RFP directly to ASCENT Management. We have downloadable resources to help you as you create your RFP. Additionally, call us at 703-370-7436 and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the services ASCENT offers.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us or call 703-370-7436. We look forward to speaking with you, to learn about your challenges, frustrations and goals, so we can develop solutions to move your organization to greater heights.