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Membership Development & Retention for Associations

A growing membership is crucial to an association’s success. That’s why ASCENT places a high importance on helping associations increase member satisfaction and cultivate high levels of engagement. ASCENT’s team of professionals will partner with your organization’s leadership to distill your unique selling points and to better understand the unique needs of both current and prospective members. Our staff endeavors to understand the barriers to and motivators for joining an association, and design tailored marketing campaigns that address those issues to promote the value of your association’s membership. ASCENT can help you understand how to build and monitor your brand value over time, and implement membership programs to encourage member retention and recruitment.

Our membership services include:

  • Respond to all membership inquiries
  • Maintain membership database and records
  • Manage membership renewals and processing invoices
  • Design custom membership packages
  • Create membership marketing materials
  • Work with local or regional chapters
  • Maintain association-member relationships
  • Design and implement membership drives and campaigns
  • Promote the value of association membership
  • Conduct membership satisfaction surveys
  • Explore outlets for identifying potential new members
  • Develop affinity programs

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