Since our beginning, ASCENT Management has strived for a true partnership with our clients. Our mission is to help client associations and nonprofits meet the demands of their business through the application of innovation, high standards, sound management processes and technology solutions.


Our vision is: Winning solutions. Strong partnerships. Sound management.

Winning solutions came about when the leadership and membership of an organization work toward strategically-aligned goals. In turn, ASCENT Management, as your association management company, works to help your organization reach your goals through efficient and proven processes, and the application of our creative energy.

Strong partnerships are developed through trust and openness between an organization’s leadership and its association management company. At ASCENT Management, we act with integrity, maintain high standards and work toward mutually-set objectives to obtain the best results.

Sound association management is a tenant ASCENT Management prides itself on by providing reliable accounting practices, the latest technological solutions, stimulating creativity, focused results, and personalized interaction with our clients. Our experienced staff is encouraged to develop their thought processes and continue their education to enhance both the operations of our firm and the clients we serve.