Looking for Full Service or Outsourced Association Management Services?

Outsourced Association Management Services

When your association needs additional support for specific projects or functions, ASCENT Management is fully-staffed and ready to act on your behalf. Associations overwhelmingly find that using association management companies (AMC) give their organization an edge in improving efficiencies, and sometimes, cutting costs. Whether a stand-alone or volunteer-run, all types of associations can realize the advantages of partnering with an AMC. In fact, associations that outsource projects and functions to ASCENT Management are able to:

  • Free up staff or board time to focus on more important strategic functions
  • Add staff capacity quickly without the trouble of hiring or training new employees
  • Leverage their buying power with ASCENT’s other client associations
  • Take advantage of ASCENT staff’s association expertise and years of experience
  • Get fresh perspectives and new ideas from an objective third party

Learn more about the project-specific services ASCENT Management offers.

Accounting and Financial Management – Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable financial management.  LEARN MORE.

Communications and Marketing – Engage and communicate with your key stakeholders.  LEARN MORE.

Educational Programming – Develop high-quality and cost-effective educational programming your members will value.  LEARN MORE.

Meetings and Special Events – Envision your face-to-face or online conference, trade show, meeting, seminar, or special event managed efficiently, on time and on budget.  LEARN MORE.

Membership Development and Retention – Grow your membership base with tailored membership campaigns and retention programs.  LEARN MORE.

Association Non-Dues Revenue Generation – Diversify your revenue stream from multiple sources to keep your association fiscally sound.  LEARN MORE.

Strategic Planning and Leadership Development – Define strategies and objectives that will move your association forward to fulfill its mission and objectives; train your leaders to be more effective.  LEARN MORE.

Technology Services – Employ scalable technology solutions adapted to the business and culture of your association.  LEARN MORE.

Website Design – Perfect your association’s online presence, and bolster it with improved search engine optimization.  LEARN MORE.

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