Strategic Planning and Leadership Development

Associations need both strong leadership and a strong vision to thrive. ASCENT Management is a trusted advisor that can provide leadership development to strengthen board effectiveness and educate on best practices surrounding board roles and responsibilities. In addition to leading planning retreats, ASCENT’s experienced professionals can provide strategic planning guidance to determine measurable goals and create a blueprint to realize their implementation.

Our staff will work with those in leadership positions to understand the association’s current environment, establish goals going forward, and determine how best to allocate the organization’s resources in order to achieve those goals. Since most association leaders are volunteers who serve in positions for only a brief period of time, strategic planning will focus the organization’s efforts and ensure that all members and volunteer leaders are on the same page, working towards the same vision. ASCENT will help guide the board as they determine that vision, and ensure that the plan is implemented, and course-corrections are made in response to societal and association shifts.

ASCENT staff also offers leadership development and orientation services, designed to increase board effectiveness and allow for a seamless transition between terms.